All Bern hotels and hostels are obliged to charge a “tourist” tax of CHF 5.30 per person per night; this will be added to your bill at the end of your stay. In return, you will be given a Bern Ticket which lets you travel for free on public transport in zones 100/101. If you carry a copy of your hotel or hostel booking, you are also covered for the journey from the main station to your hotel or hostel on the day of arrival.


Hotel accommodation in Switzerland can be pricey. We have arranged block bookings at the following hotels for the duration of the conference (01 to 05 May); they are both within convenient walking distance from the main conference venue.

Hotel Ador

Standard Single Room for CHF 155.00 per night per room
Standard Double Room for CHF 185.00 per night per room

Hotel Arabelle

Standard Single Room for CHF 135.00 per night per room
Double Room (Queen) for CHF 150.00 per night per room
Double Room (Twin) for CHF 150.00 per night per room

The prices here include wifi and breakfast. In order to reserve the room(s) for the listed price above, please make sure you book directly with the hotels (via phone or email) and indicate the codeword “Linguistic Landscapes”. Please also note that the number of rooms with discount rate is limited and should be booked no later than Friday 28 March.


If these hotel options are beyond your budget, we can also recommend the following hostels. Hostels in Switzerland are usually quite pleasant and well-appointed.

Youth Hostel Bern

Bed(s) in Dormitory from CHF 32.00 per night
Private Rooms from CHF 84.00 per night
Wheelchair-accessible rooms available from CHF 35.00 per night

Prices include breakfast (buffet) and wifi. Please note that this hostel is currently closed for renovation until March 28th, 2018. It is still possible to make reservations online or via email.

Hostel 77

Double Rooms from CHF 116.00 per night
Single Rooms from CHF 76.00 per night
Bed(s) in Dormitory from CHF 38.00 per night

The whole building is wheelchair-accessible. Prices include breakfast and wifi.
This hostel is slightly further away from the city centre but still in close proximity to public transportation.

Bern Backpackers Hotel Glocke

Double Rooms from CHF 120.00 per night
Single Rooms from CHF 76.00 per night
Bed(s) in Dormitory from CHF 37.00 per night

As the name suggests, this hostel is in a great location but otherwise the facilities and rooms are basic. The building is not wheel-chair accessible. Prices include wifi and bed linen. The hostel does not serve breakfast, but there is a small common kitchen available for guests.


Another option is to use Airbnb. We recommend any of the following neighborhoods (aka “Quartiere”): Länggasse which is where the university and conference venue are, or Monbijou, Kirchenfeld, Breitenrain and Lorraine. Individual hosts may or may not charge the tourist tax and therefore provide you with the Bern Ticket. Your best bet otherwise is to buy a multi-ride ticket (“Mehrfahrtenkarte”) which gives you 6 short or long rides – check with your host which you will need. These multi-ride tickets will cost you either CHF 13.00 or CHF 25.00, respectively. Of course, you can always choose to walk (Bern is not that big!).