X-SCAPES will be held at the University of Bern in the capital city of Switzerland. Bern is located in the centre of Switzerland and can be reached easily from three major airports: Zurich, Basel and Geneva.

There is a small airport in Bern itself with flights operated by SkyWork Airlines to places like London, Berlin, Vienna and Amsterdam. Otherwise, the city is connected with dedicated train services to many major European cities like Milan, Paris, Hamburg, Amsterdam and Berlin.

map switzerland

Zurich (ZRH) is the largest international airport of Switzerland; there is a railway station located underneath the airport; there are direct trains to Bern twice an hour (journey time approx. 75 mins). Please see our special Zurich Arrival Guide (PDF).

Basel (BSL) is also a good option for getting to Bern; a 20-min bus ride takes you to Basel main station; with two direct trains every hour (about 55 mins). Please see our special Basel Arrival Guide (PDF).

Geneva (GVA), also a major international airport for Switzerland; has a train station which can connect your directly to Bern; services run twice an hour (journey time approx. 1 hour 50 mins).

It is worth bearing in mind that a one-way, standard-fare train ticket from these airports to Bern will cost between CHF46 (Basel) and CHF56 (Zurich and Geneva). Speaking of which …


Swiss trains

Known as SBB (German), CFF (French) or FFS (Italian), the Swiss national railway service is famously well organized. Tickets can be bought online (sent as a PDF) via the Swiss National Railways website. There is no cost advantage in buying a return ticket – it’s the same as two singles. About two or three weeks in advance, a limited number of “Supersaver” tickets go on sale provided you can fix a specific train/time; for this reason, we recommend these tickets for your return journey when you know for certain what time you’ll be leaving Bern. For arrival day, it’s better to buy a standard ticket which will be valid for one journey any time that same day.


Visa regulations

There are different requirements for entry into Switzerland depending on your country of origin, and the purpose and the duration of your stay:

  • for EU/EFTA citizens there is no need of visa just a passport or ID card is necessary;
  • for citizens from other countries, please refer to the information on the State Secretariat for Migration or to a Swiss consulate in your country.